Eco Web Hosting Review And How It Compares

Eco Web Hosting is one of the top names in sustainable and eco-friendly website hosting. The company has a reputation for providing exceptional service to both customers and planet Earth. In this review we’ll discuss Eco Web Hosting. We’ve chosen a few green hosting companies for comparison.

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What Is Eco Web Hosting?

Eco Web Hosting is a UK based web hosting company that offers eco-friendly or green internet hosting services. The company started in 2007 and is one of the pioneer hosting services concerned about sustainability.

The company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the hosting business. Eco Web Hosting recognizes that the industry has a massive impact on the environment. Their website states, “ICT equipment currently accounts for 3-4% of the world’s carbon emissions.” Eco Web Hosting is among only a few green internet hosting companies in the world who take responsibility for this staggering percentage.

Product Specs

To provide carbon-positive web hosting, the company uses a few key strategies.

Environmentally Responsible Technology

Eco Web Hosting uses hardware designed to have less of an environmental impact. Everything from their servers, power efficient fans and processors, and containment systems use eco-friendly alternatives to never use more energy than necessary in operation.


Partnering with Ransom Wood Business park, Eco Web Hosting has planted “over 300 English Oak trees” to offset the company’s carbon footprint.

Mission Green

As a company, Eco Web Hosting embodies their commitment to the Earth through ethical and environmentally conscious business practices. The company has gone completely paperless in customer dealings. Whereas paperless billing is often an option at many companies, there isn’t a choice with this company. All communications are relayed by electronic means.

Employees of the company are asked to reduce their personal environmental impact when traveling to work by carpooling, bicycling, and using public transportation. The company is keenly aware of office waste and works to reduce theirs and recycle whenever possible. Eco Web Hosting offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for their services. If you are not satisfied, let them know.

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Services and Pricing

Eco Web Hosting offers shared servers on a fast SSD (solid state drive) infrastructure. Here we’ll explore the services offered by Eco Web Hosting

Web Hosting

A website needs a hosting service to publish on the internet. Eco Web Hosting offers three plans for hosting services with allowances for bandwidth, FTP features, e-commerce, email, integrated domain management, MySQL, one-click install, statistics, sub-domains, tech support, and SSL certificates.Web hosting plans from Eco Web Hosting cost around $4, $6, and $12 per month depending on how much space, bandwidth, access, sub-domains, and database access your website requires. Paying annually reduces the plan prices to around $40, $63, and $125 per year.

Reseller Hosting

For customers in the website resale business, Eco Web Hosting offers hosting for around $25 per month or $255 per year. Access provides a user-friendly control panel and unlimited databases, email accounts, and FTP accounts.

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Linux, Windows, dedicated server plans offered by Eco Web Hosting come with a wide variety of features and are priced according to which private server plan you choose. Monthly prices range from around $30 to $100 for Starter service and around $70 to $255 for Advanced SSD+ service.


Domain registration prices start around $10 per year for a address, around $14 per year for a .net or .com address, and around $25 per year for a .me address. Switching your domain to Eco Web Hosting is easy with their DNS management system. The company uses Google DNS.

​Managed WordPress Hosting

Eco Web Hosting offers managed WordPress hosting for easy website upkeep. Their WordPress hosting packages all include unlimited bandwidth, malware scanning, migration, snapshot backups, and SSL certification.

Managed WordPress hosting plans are priced based on the gigabytes SSD and how many websites the company will manage. One website and 25 GB SSD costs around $8 per month. Three websites with a maximum 75 GB SSD costs around $13 per month. They price hosting for ten websites and at $25 per month. The company charges around $50 per month for unlimited websites and unlimited SSD.

​How It Compares

To see how the services at Eco Web Hosting stack up, we’ve selected a few of the other top green hosting providers to compare them to. We’ve looked at the price, ease of use, uptime, features, green initiatives, customer support, pros, and cons to get a clearer picture of how well this eco-friendly web hosting provider performs.

For review continuity, we’ll only highlight the prices for web hosting services for each company.

  • ​Green Geeks
  • ​Kualo
  • ​InMotion Hosting

Eco Web Hosting

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Eco Web Hosting prices vary depending on the services you receive and the amount of storage, space, and features you want to use. Prices range between $4 and $13 per month or $40 and $127 per year.

​​Ease of Use

Navigating Eco Web Hosting’s custom interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Everything is labeled clearly and where it should be. Operating this control panel is easy to learn and work with.


According to the website Web Hosting Stuff, Eco Web Hosting has a verified uptime of 99.98% which is less than 20 minutes of downtime every month.


Even the basic plans offered by Eco Web Hosting offer a variety of stellar features which is virtually unheard of in the hosting industry. The lowest priced plan can get a website running from day-one.

​Customer Support

The many ways to contact the support team at Eco Web Hosting is without doubt one of the biggest reasons this company is so popular. They offer a variety of ways to get in touch with them including support tickets, mail, and live chat. Their support team is on top of tickets and usually respond to customer questions quickly.

Eco Web Hosting also provides a vast collection of support through their online Helpsheets and Helpdesk. This trusty guides and literature can steer you in the right direction when troubleshooting.


  • ​Excellent features even on basic plans
  • ​Affordable rates
  • ​Excellent customer support
  • ​Low downtime rates
  • ​Environmentally friendly hosting


  • ​We couldn’t find any


GreenGeeks Logo

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GreenGeeks is a US-based eco-friendly hosting provider committed to offsetting the industry’s carbon footprint. The company offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting.



Hosting plans with GreenGeeks cost around $3 for the Starter plan. The Pro plans costs around $7 per month, and the Premium plan costs around $17 per month. Each plan includes unlimited bandwidth, SSD disk space, domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases.

These prices reflect the 70% discount offered for the company’s 10-year anniversary and are subject to change. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

​​Ease of Use

Getting your website live is easy using the control panel provided by GreenGeeks. They backup your data every day, which in turn provides you daily security and peace of mind with your important information.


In the last year, GreenGeeks have had less than 40 minutes total downtime. That’s impressive. Most months their uptime is flawless at 100%.


GreenGeeks offers hundreds of features now at an incredibly low price. Most features are available no matter which plan you buy. All plans include free domains, SSL certification, a free site builder, free migration, backups, and CloudFlare CDN. The more expensive plans offer PowerCacher Technology, and more emails per hour.

Customer Support

Customer support is one area that GreenGeeks is sorely lacking. The company offers several ways to get in touch with them through phone, live chat, and email, but it’s not enough.

Many customers are dissatisfied with the quality of service they receive from GreenGeeks. The site does offer a lot of documentation for troubleshooting, but they need to improve their customer communications.


  • ​Great uptime
  • ​Excellent features


  • ​Poor customer service
  • ​The company doesn’t adequately advertise their green hosting initiatives


Kualo logo

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UK based Kualo offers hosting, domains, servers, VPS, reseller hosting, and website building. The company has been in business for over 15 years. Sustainable power sources power all of Kualo’s operations. Besides the environmental preservation commitment, the company also gives hosting to charities for free.



Kualo web hosting plans start at around $9 per month, $12 per month, and $20 per month. All plans include hosting, SSD disk storage, email accounts, SSL certificates, site builder, app installer, domain, and 30-day backups. Premium plans include backup restoration and the highest plane receives more server resources.

​​Ease of Use

The interface is easy to use and work with. Working with the control panel is simple and comfortable.


Kualo has an average annual uptime of around 99.51% which is around 20 minutes of downtime every month.


Features are somewhat limited compared to the other hosting companies. It’s nice that they offer backups, but it would be helpful if they happened more frequently. Additionally, backup restoration is only free with higher priced plans.

Customer Support

Customer support is great with Kualo. They offer live chat, phone, email, and ticket support for customers on their site. They also have Knowledgebase filled with a wealth of helpful information for customers.


  • ​Socially responsible company
  • ​Low downtime
  • ​Great customer support


  • ​Limited features
  • ​Limited backups

InMotion Hosting

Inmotionhosting Logo

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InMotion Hosting is based in the US and offers web hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, business hosting, and dedicated servers. The company started their green hosting initiatives in 2010. The company uses eco-friendly features in their offices. They opened the first Green Data Center in Los Angeles, California.

InMotion Hosting is also partnered with the nonprofit organization Trees For The Future. To offset their carbon footprint, they have contributed to the planting of over 5,000 trees.



Hosting plans cost around $7, $9, and $15. Each plan offers a free domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, marketing tools, security features, backups, one-click installation, MySQL, Google App integration, SSH access, and SSL certification. Premium plans offer faster performance and professional tech support.

Each InMotion Hosting plan is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Ease of Use

Getting around the InMotion Hosting cPanel is easy and fluid. Even newbies can have their website live quickly. They also offer up to 10GB of free data backups with no strings attached to a plan.


InMotion Hosting has a pretty solid uptime rating. Most months their uptime hovers in the 99.96% to 99.99% range.


It’s not so much that features are lacking with InMotion Hosting, but their services are limited. The company has a quarterly cap of one restore. Prices are steep for any restorations exceeding that cap. The backups will also only cover up to 10 GB of data. If you have more than this, it could be a problem.

Customer Support

One thing InMotion Hosting is known for is their customer support. Customer tickets are handled with almost unimaginable speed. They offer a variety of ways to get in touch with them through phone, email, tickets, and live chat. Not only is the support team fast, but they are also helpful and friendly.


  • ​Excellent customer care  
  • ​Good uptime scores
  • ​Long 90-day money-back guarantee


  • ​Plan limitations


The environmentally friendly initiatives taken by Eco Web Hosting are above and beyond the makings of a great hosting provider. This company offers a great range of affordable, feature-filled plans. Downtimes are minimal, and customers rave about the wonderful support the Eco Web Hosting Team provides.We applaud the company for taking active measures to offset their carbon footprint while running an exceptional hosting business at the same time. They receive five out of a possible five stars; a perfect review for an exceptional company.






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