10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies in 2018

Finding a solid dedicating hosting company can be difficult. It’s not because there’s a shortage of options, though – in fact, there are so many dedicated hosts that it’s difficult to separate the best from the rest of the pack. The purpose of this article is to aid in that process by looking at ten of the best dedicated hosts. We will consider factors like usability, price, user ratings, features and performance to provide readers with a list of ten of the best dedicated server hosting companies in 2018.

10. FatCowFatcow Web Hosting Service Review

FatCow has a number of unique business ideas at its core, not the least of which is the company’s dedication to being a truly green web host. Environmentally friendly a price-conscious, this is one of the best dedicated server hosting companies for those who are starting out with their first sites. Dedicated hosting for the company starts at around one-hundred twenty dollars a month and includes 24/7 customer support (including live phone support). Though it does not offer any unlimited services, it is nonetheless a business-friendly solution for those who are looking to get started in the world of e-commerce.

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9. JustHostJustHost web hosting review

JustHost is all about speed. While the company’s page load speeds aren’t all that impressive, almost every else the company does moves at a blinding speed. It takes moments to get an account set and moving and logging in is a one-time process. This is the best dedicated server hosting platform for those who just need to get a site up quickly, especially if they’re not concerned about having the newest and best hardware. With that said, performance is both solid and reliable and the prices for the dedicated server hosting here are quite reasonable.

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8. GoDaddyGoDaddy web hostin service review

GoDaddy might have made its reputation with slightly salacious commercials, but it’s always been a solid hosting platform. It’s one of the biggest hosts in the world, and that means always having access to the best technology and the best new tools. Unfortunately, that also means having some of the highest prices on this list. This is the best dedicated server hosting platform out there for those who want the best technology and aren’t shy about paying top dollar. This definitely isn’t for new users or for small businesses, but those that need extreme tools will be happy to know that this option exists.

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7. DreamhostDreamhost web hosting service review

Dreamhost is probably better known for hosting WordPress sites than for dedicated hosting, but it actually has a strong dedicated server hosting component. It recently built a third data center and has taken steps to make sure that it can truly provide 100% uptime for its users. The company has a fantastic reputation among users and much of that might be due to its great 24/7 customer support. It should also be noted that Deramhost does a great job allowing users to customize their own control panels, make it easy to move over from another hosting platform. In short, Dreamhost is a great host that works well for many users.

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6. iPageiPage web Hosting service review

iPage is a huge host that provides a number of fantastic options for individuals and small businesses. Offering total control over one’s dedicated hosting experience, iPage also offers all the resources a user would need to manage a high-impact site. It’s also great for those who don’t quite know their way around site building yet, with a handful of pre-installed scripts and unlimited MySQL and FTP accounts. It’s a fantastic set of options, albeit one that’s far more suitable for smaller businesses than larger groups. Nonetheless, this dedicated server hosting company is a fantastic option to check out, especially with three service plans at price points that fall right in the median range for this type of service.

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5. 1and11and1 hosting review

If you’re looking at pure price, it’s hard to beat 1and1 as the best dedicated server hosting company out there. With a number of different options for users of all types, it manages to leverage some impressive technological options while still balancing them with customer needs. 1and1 has reasonably good customer service and enough options to keep experienced site owners happy, while still providing enough support to make sure that new owners are comfortable with their choices. Unlimited traffic and up-to-date technology make 1and1 a real contender for a top spot on this list.

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4. HostGatorHostGator web hosting service review

HostGator is one of the better-known names in low-priced web hosting, but it is also one of the best dedicated server hosting platforms on the market. It not only provides some fairly robust technology (including a 1TB SSD at higher levels), but it is one of the few dedicated hosts that also offer unlimited bandwidth for dedicated server users. HostGator also offers both managed and semi-managed servers, allowing users to take a bit more control over their experience without having to totally give up on outside help. It’s a solid host that definitely scales well with business needs.

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3. LiquidWebLiquid Web review

LiquidWeb is all about giving its customers choices. Whether that choice is the location of the data center of the technical specs of the specific server, power-users can customize their experience with this web host. One of the best dedicated server hosting platforms for those who already have a fair bit of experience with dedicated servers, LiquidWeb’s pricing and managed hosting structure do tend to favor businesses that have more money to spend on dedicated hosting. Even with this said, what users get for what they spend tends to be above average. With solid performance and good support, it’s well worth considering for your hosting needs.

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2. BlueHostBluehost web hosting service review

Relatively inexpensive but still strong in across all performance categories, BlueHost is a perfect choice for any business that’s just dipping its toes into the waters of dedicated server hosting. One of the best dedicated server platforms for those on a budget, its low prices hide excellent technology (quad-core processors and up to 16GB of RAM) and outstanding customer support scores across the board. Though it might not be quite as feature-rich as the number one entry on the list, it has a great money-back guarantee and tends to rate very highly among users and tech writers.

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1. InMotioninMotion web hosting review

InMotion hits a lot of the major marks when it comes to the best dedicated server platforms and adds in a few extra bonuses as well. Known for its stellar performance and its relative ease of use, InMotion has upped its game by adding all-SSD storage, enhanced DD3 RAM for all of its packages, and a price point that’s highly competitive. Well-liked by reviewers and customers alike, InMotion is the best choice for anyone who needs dedicated server hosting in 2018. Secure and reliable, it’s perhaps the best choice for business users on the market today.

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These are ten of the best dedicated server hosting companies out there. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but they all provide solid experiences for their users. If you have experiences with these providers – or know about hosts that we’ve left off the list – make sure to get in contact with us today.






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