Interserver Web Hosting Service Review

Interserver is a US-based web hosting provider that aims to provide high-quality services to a variety of clients. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as most Interserver review writers praise the company’s reliability, quality of services, and amazing features at affordable prices.

The company was established in 1999, and since then they have been steadily evolving to become one of the most important names in the web hosting industry. The company’s data center is located in Secaucus, New Jersey, and they have also established a nationwide fiber network. This Interserver review shows why they are appealing to a combination of businesses and individuals who value privacy, security, features, and competitive pricing.

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Interserver Service Overview

When it comes to choosing the best web server hosting for yourself or your company, has put together the features that most people look for everywhere. They tend to be very focused on providing clients with the best technical service. Over 400 applications that have been specially packaged. So, you can use one click to install them, and have them running on your website – a pretty large time-saver. In addition, the company’s servers that are consistently rated as being faster than those of their competitors.

Pricing Information

No review would be complete without looking at the price schedule that they have for their plans. Interserver has 3 types of services that come at 3 different price tiers. Dedicated, VPS Special, and

Package Name Dedicated to Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
Web Hosting Individuals $5/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited except Windows Hosting = 20 Websites Shared
WordPress Hosting Authors, Blogs $8/month Unlimited Unlimited 1 Shared  
VPS SMB $6/month 25GB Unlimited Unlimited Shared
Dedicated Hosting SMB & Enterprise Firms $50/month 250GB Unlimited Unlimited Shared

Money Back Guarantee

Interservers offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, this applies only to the shared hosting plans, and not to dedicated servers, VPS or colocation. This means that customers who use dedicated, VPS or colocation can solicit a refund before their server is set up. The billing is done monthly, and there are no discounts for long term contracts.

Security & Risk

No Interserver review would be complete without covering the company’s performance in terms of security. has spent a lot of engineering hours building their data center and fiber optic networks from the ground up. That means that you can be reasonably certain that your data is in good hands, and your traffic is at lower risk of attack. Consider this. With seven layers to the network, the latest scourge of the internet is a massive filter that sits on a server and pulls encrypted data at a different layer than the encryption, making it easy to decode. The NSA uses it. Several private bad guys use it.

When you choose, you not only get virus and firewall protection, you are also working with people that have the sophistication to route around the ‘bad guys’ sitting and waiting on the internet with this type of filter. So, Interserver gives you a better overall experience, from data center to your customer’s display.

Usability & User Friendliness

In this section of our Interesrver review, we will discuss how user-friendly the company’s cpanels are. Unlike some services that charge extra, builds control panels into their accounts, so that you can easily manage your account from the beginning. This level of detail likely cuts down on support calls, and it also probably increases customer satisfaction. The company also automatically provisions new accounts. So, after you have paid to get started, you should be able to start working within minutes. And then, of course there are the 406 applications that can be instantly loaded to your website. Thus, you can focus on creating content.

Interserver Control Panel Options

The default panel for all Linux plans is cPanel. Website managers who are not too keen on cPanel have the option of Directadmin. Our Interserver review should mention that Interserver webhosting plans for Windows don’t include any control panel.

Customer Support & Additional Info offers both phone and online support. Clients can also use live chat to contact and talk to them. In fact, live chat is built into the front-end of their company website, on the left side bar.

It is also tempting for people who use their services to ask them to customize their websites or builds, because they have quite a bit of technical talent on-site.’s 24/7 Office Phone number is: 1-877-NJ-COLO-1. The Interserver support ticket system login allows you to sign in and submit and work with support on tickets. Their live chat can be accessed on the left side of the screen at

Interserver Service Overall Rating

This section of our Interserver review will show you the pros and cons of this company, according to our assessment.

What we like:

  • The services they offer have strong technical underpinnings.
  • They provide a large catalog of one-click applications.
  • Their one GB price for a VPS is almost industry-leading.

What we don’t like:

  • Scalability is a bit nebulous between hosting accounts.
  • The VPS account doesn’t appear to have memory upgrades available.


Web Hosting Package: 4/5
Security and Risk: 4/5
Usability & User Friendliness: 5/5
Pricing: 4/5
Customer Support: 4/5

Top Alternatives

One perennial competitor that people look at is Godaddy. They offer comparable web hosting accounts. However, they cannot compete on price or features with when it comes to VPS options. In some cases, their VPS starts at the same price as’s dedicated account price.

Vultur is perhaps a better VPS level competitor, offering accounts that are price-competitive with The difference with Vulture is that they don’t offer as much RAM for their base VPS account. Then again, it is possible to upgrade when your account grows. also competes at the VPS and Dedicated level. They have a lot more sophistication, but the price tends to be over $100 per month per account.

Our Verdict

When doing an Interserver web hosting review it is kind of amazing to discover that an independent company in New Jersey is capable of beating market giants decade after decade when it comes to price. Perhaps it’s like Samsung. They manufacture all parts of their smart phones, giving them an advantage over most of their competitors. built their own infrastructure, and creates more customizations than some of the major national competitors.

And that superior infrastructure and know-how give them our recommendation over their competitors for Web hosting, entry-level VPS, and dedicated hosting. Advanced VPS hosting is still the province of Amazon, although you should be ready to pay well for their service. Thank you for reading our Interserver review. If you have an opinion about, we’d love to hear it!






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