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WiredTree, now LiquidWeb, is a professional VPS hosting service provider, which is among the top 10 hosting service companies on the market. With a 12-year history since its establishment in 2006, WiredTree is proud to offer its high-quality services to over 5,000 customers from around the world. WiredTree review writers praise the company’s assistance with migration, and the robust tools included in their packages, recommending Wired Tree as one of the most reliable hosting service providers currently on the market.

With a guaranteed 99%-100% uptime, stellar support and customer service, and a variety of hosting plans adaptable to the needs of any business, WiredTree is one of the most respected providers you could choose for your website. You will benefit from a great local customer support and a wide selection of hosting plans from dedicated hosting managed plans to fully managed hosting packages. Read on our WiredTree review to decide if this company is the right hosting service for your business.

WiredTree Overview

This US-based company was founded in 2006, and it has since climbed its way up to the top, becoming one of the best web hosting services providers on the market. As of January 2017, WiredTree was acquired by LiquidWeb, and all WiredTree customers were upgraded to a new and more modern environment and hardware. WiredTree hosting services include dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, cloud dedicated, cloud sites, managed WordPress, and advanced hosting solutions.

Pricing Information

WiredTree a variety of cloud and dedicated server hosting solutions, as well as WordPress and Cloud sites. For a more accurate overview of the plans and prices, head over to the official WiredTree website or inquire about their offers. All clients benefit from a dedicated portal created for the Grove extension, so once you migrate to this company, you will get your WiredTree login credentials for Grove.

Type of service Top features Uptime SLAs Price per month
Dedicated Servers Real time monitoring, 100% uptime guarantee, fully customizable, work with Linux or Windows 100% From $199/mo
Cloud VPS Hosting Great for ecommerce sites and apps, real time monitoring, 100% uptime guarantee, easy scalability 100% From $59/mo
Managed WordPress High speed, performance and security, easy to use 100% From $69/mo

Security and Risk

WiredTree offers 1-hour service agreement for both response and replacements. The company is proud to state that their average response time ranks under 15 minutes, which sets them apart from the other big players on the hosting market.

If they cannot meet the uptime guarantee, you will get a partial rebate on the monthly fee, which gives you an extra safety net. Support services come free of charge with any plans, and you can contact them 24/7 any day of the year.

Usability and User Friendliness

The control panel options that WiredTree offers are customizable, and can cover every need or requirement you might have. They offer both cPanel and WHM included with every plan or package, so you can choose the ideal options for your business.

WiredTree review writers praise the easy-to-use Control Panel features that can be efficiently managed by even the least skilled business owners who are just getting used to the specific WiredTreeinterface. The Grove login is also a useful feature that ensures safety and constant access to customer support assistance designed to help you with any issue you might face.

Customer Support and Additional Information

There are plenty of different ways to contact the WiredTree support team, which is known to be professional and very fast.

WiredTree Review Overall Service Rating:

What we like: WiredTree hosting reviews agree on the almost unmatched quality of this provider who offers amazing hosting solutions for any type of business. With a spotless record of uptime and A+ rating, WiredTree offers unlimited domains, and various other features, making it one of the best providers you could have.

What we don’t like: The only issue with WiredTree is that all those great, useful features come at a price which can become prohibitive, especially for start-ups or small businesses.

Web Hosting Package: 5/5
Security and Risk: 5/5
Usability & User Friendliness: 5/5
Pricing: 3/5
Customer Support: 4/5

WiredTree Alternatives

As we have already mentioned, the services offered by WiredTree, now LiquidWeb, are of exceptional quality. However, if you want to try something else, at a more affordable price, you have a variety of other providers to choose from. HostGatorBlueHost or DreamHost are all reliable web hosting service providers and reviewers usually recommend these companies if you want to benefit from good services at more accessible prices.

WiredTree Reviews and Complaints

Users are mostly impressed by the professional and expert way that their issues were taken care of by the WiredTree team, which makes them praise the qualities of WiredTree. Here are a few opinions from WiredTree review writers to get an idea of what the company offers:

Mike Oliver is a happy customer:

I was blown away with the support when I transferred over 25 sites to WiredTree, and I still am to this day. I have had 5 hosts over the years, and none of them have had a support staff like WT. Getting support ticket replies within 5-15 minutes and the above and beyond support to solve every issue is amazing. I honestly feel like I should send them more money. My VPS is screaming, and I couldn’t be happier.

WiredTree Review
Lacey Glass is impressed by WiredTree’s features:

Great service. Always friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely fast at responding to support. I am so happy I decided on Wired Tree for my dedicated server.

Tammy Finch would be happy to recommend WiredTree to anyone:

I am so happy I gave this company a chance.  I’ve been with them now for a couple of years and cannot believe the support.  I normally get a response at the same time I get the confirmation ticket.  Never have I worked with a hosting company (and I’ve been through many) that provide this level of customer support.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs good reliable hosting.  Nice job, WiredTree!


WiredTree review writers all agree on the amazing features, high-quality hosting services, and excellent uptime that the company offered them. We would strongly advise you to choose WiredTree, now even better as LiquidWeb, as their services are top notch, and you will benefit from amazing web hosting plans, as well as an easy-to-use control panel that will increase the value of your business.





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