IX Web Hosting Service Review

Among web hosting services, IX Web Hosting is a worthy contender. The company does offer a respectable, stable service that many businesses can benefit from. The following  IX WebHosting review will showcase the features of IX service, its pros, its cons, as well as those features that might make it stand out when compared to other web hosting providers.

First of all, potential customers of IX Web Hosting should know that the company’s services mainly specialize in SEO centered packages. Their best feature is said to be the fact that they allow as many IP addresses as there are websites within a set IX Web Hosting package. This feature allows a customer’s website to receive a bigger Google authority score, and rank better in searches. However, is there any other reason to choose IX Web?
Ix Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting Overview

IX Web Hosting first started doing business in 1999 when the very first web page to be hosted by them was uploaded to a computer in one of the founders’ living room. Fast forward 17 years and the company is still going strong. Therefore, it is obvious that the best attribute of IXWeb Hosting is their experience with the online world. IX Web also boasts with the fact that their servers will keep on going indefinitely – so no need to change web hosting companies because one of them goes off the market!

Quite possibly the best feature of IX Web Hosting is their trial period. Sure, everyone may have a money back guarantee policy in place at their web hosting company, but IX Web will allow all customers to use their services for about seven working days before their credit card is billed. This is a nice strategy because it eliminates the unruly amount of refunds that are usually given to people who’ve just started testing the service.

Pricing Information

Name Price Disk Space Dedicated IPs Domain Registrations Extras
Linux Expert Plan $3.95 Unlimited 2 1 First 7 days free
Linux Unlimited Pro $7.95 Unlimited 15 3 First 7 days free, 24/7 support
Linux Business Plan $7.95 Unlimited 3 2 First 7 days free
Windows Unlimited Pro $9.95 Unlimited 15 3 First 7 days free, 24/7 support
Windows Business Plus $4.50 Unlimited 3 2 First 7 days free

Unlike many other web hosting companies, IX Web also provides Windows servers besides all those Linux ones. Apart from web hosting, IX Web Hosting also offers VPS plans, cloud hosting, and a few other add-ons so as to make the service a complete one-stop shop for everyone’s web hosting needs.

Within the actual hosting plans, IX Web hosting offers unlimited server space, bandwidth, and hosted domains. Within the basic price, IX also includes the availability of a site design team that can help users build their websites from scratch.

IX Web Hosting has one of the best money back guarantees in the sense that they don’t bill your credit card for the first 7 days. However, there’s another aspect about their money-back guarantee that doesn’t sit well with some users. They offer to give customers their money back in the first 30 days of subscription. Other companies go to thrice that amount of days. However, IX Web Hosting plan on making up for that with the free 7 day trial for all packages.

Pro Tip: potential customers of IX Web should first opt for a 7 day trial of their most expensive package. If they like it and have the money, they can keep it. If they don’t have the money then they can downgrade after 7 days.

Security and Risk

When it comes to security and stability, IX wobbles a bit. Many IX Web Hosting customers have complained about unprecedented downtimes in recent years. The company has also lost a lot of data on account of poor server security and of poor cloud storage security. Some customers say that they lost up to 10 years of data, which means that within this period there has never once been a back-up of their files. Then again, remember that data backup is first and foremost the webmaster’s responsibility. IX performs 3 main tasks to protect your website: monitoring, discovery and recovery services. Thus, they guarantee that your website is up 99.9% of the time.

Usability & User Friendliness

IX Web offers customer several options when it comes to the control panel to use to manage their web hosting service. Depending on their preference, and on the operating system they choose for the server in which they’ll store their data, a user will be able to apply for Cpanel or for Plesk. Both of these are great, although Cpanel is generally more common.

Shared web hosting customers (those who use multiple services) will be provided with Psoft H-Sphere. Though not quite as robust as other similar software (and, at times, a bit clunky), it’s still possible to work efficiently with Psoft H-Sphere.

Customer Support and Additional Information

Here are some useful links that will take you to IX Web’s support team and website:

IX Web Hosting Overall Service Rating:

What we like: IX Web Hosting is great for SEO optimized websites, similar to choosing the perfect frame for a very intricate painting. Other nice features include a very innovative way of providing customer support and an interesting array of packages available.

What we don’t like: In terms of pricing, IX Web Hosting could consider reviewing its plans, and providing a more accessible alternative. Another downside to this service is the fact that some users have signaled noteworthy data loss. Other users have complained about the unacceptable levels of downtime and the very user-unfriendly control panel.

Web Hosting Package: 4/5
Security and Risk: 2/5
Usability & User Friendliness: 3/5
Pricing: 3/5
Customer Support 4/5 Ix Web Hosting
Ix Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting Alternatives

When pitted against its competitors, IX Web Hosting proves a worthy adversary. It matches the performance of Arvixe Hosting, but it’s worse off when compared to InMotion Hosting or Hostgator. The only direct competitor on the market that we can wholeheartedly say ranks lower than IX Web Hosting is 1&1 Hosting. Want to know more about any of these web hosting providers? Click on their name to see our complete reviews.

IX Web Hosting Reviews and Complaints

Generally, IX Web Reviews are mixed. While a large number express dissatisfaction with the service, there are some that praise part of their service, or at least appear nostalgic for a past when IXWebHosting provided quality service.

Matthew McMaster says:

I am a developer and have used IX Web Hosting since 2008. I am very impressed with their knowledge and expertise on Linux based systems (Apache, PHP, and MySQL) and currently use them for those services. I cannot speak for Windows.

Chris Costa mentions:

IX is the worst of the worst I feel. Ive been using hosting companies for over 14 years now and they are horrible. I mean its one issue after another and I can see Im not alone here. I mean its always this issue with malware and sites being infected. No other host has been like this for me and then once the sites get infected, they do nothing to help and send insulting responses that make you feel like your alone and have zero help.

Nancy Elberty also says:

IX Web hosting is AWEFUL! Stay away from this provider. The shared server option goes down on a weekly basis. Switched email a long time ago as the email service went down for several days several times. I was talked into moving part of my web site to their cloud server option and was assured that I would get 24/7 live person service…did not happen. Certainly not a hosting solution for a business.

Ix Web Hosting


IX Web Hosting is a decent company, providing good hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, email and e-commerce services to its customers. Although not nearly as successful as other competitors, IXWebHosting manages to stay afloat due to a diligent team of workers that try to solve their problems. IX Web is now moving and rebuilding its whole infrastructure. The question is: will they do better in the future? Only time will tell.

What do you think about IX Web? Would you go to them for your web hosting needs? Do you already own a subscription? If so, tell us how the whole experience has been. We’ll be anxiously waiting for your honest opinion about IX Web Hosting and this IX Web Hosting review.


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