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Linode is a cloud web host that serves Linux users. They have a wide range of pricing plans so that both large and small businesses can find something that works for them. It’s easy to upgrade your plan as your website grows and has higher demands. Designers, small business owners, and large businesses benefit most from hosting their Linux web sites with Linode. In our Linode review, we will discuss pricing information, pros and cons of Linode, quality of customer support, and top alternatives.

linode review

Linode Service Overview

Linode houses high-performance SSD servers to provide quality cloud hosting for Linux users. They offer plans starting at $5 per month to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Linode has fast hardware and a speedy network that makes scaling easy. They guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Whenever you have a question, you can contact their 24/7 customer support team. Linode also has guides that you can look at to try setting things up on your own if you prefer. Some add-ons they offer to help keep your website running smoothly are backups, Linode Managed, NodeBalancers, and LongView. Additional tools Linode provides for webmasters include deployment StackScripts, CLI, and a powerful API.

Pricing Information

Linode’s pricing is fairly simple, divided into two categories: standard and high memory plans. Within standard, you can choose from nine pricing plans, depending on how many GBs and how much disk storage space you need. For those who have high memory demands, they can choose from five different high memory pricing plans that range from $60-$960 per month. Linode’s standard pricing plans are $5-$640 per month depending on which plan you purchase.

Because other web hosts offer better pricing plans, our Linode review won’t give full stars for the pricing category. Another reason we don’t think Linode ranks well in terms of pricing is they charge extra money per month for add-ons that some other web hosts include in their hosting packages.

Package Name Dedicated to Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
Standard Plans Personal bloggers and businesses of all sizes $5-$640/month depending on plan 20-1,536 GB SSD depending on plan N/a N/a N/a
High Memory Plans Intensive business needs $60-$960/month depending on plan 20-340 GB SSD depending on plan N/a N/a N/a

Security & Risk

Linode has several features that improve the security of your website, such as two-factor authentication and rescue mode. For an extra cost, you can also have access to backups and NodeBalancers. Two-factor authentication increases the security of your website by requiring two types of authentication when you sign into your Linode account. If critical errors occur, rescue mode has you covered. It can transfer data and perform system recovery tasks.

Usability & User Friendliness

This Linux web host ranks well for usability and user friendliness. It has a simple and easy-to-use control panel. In just a few clicks, webmasters can deploy, clone, boot, and resize. The interface is straightforward and allows you to get jobs done quickly. Linode Manager has several categories you can click from the menu: Managed, Linodes, NodeBalancers, Longview, DNS Manager, Account, Support, Documentation, and Community. It’s organized and intuitive to navigate.

Customer Support & Additional Info

Customer support is one of the areas in which this web host excels, as we found in our Linode review. Many customers have given it high ratings and praised the quality of their customer support in their Linode reviews. Whereas most web hosts reply within an hour on their Facebook pages, Linode commonly replies immediately. Other ways of contacting the company include Twitter, email, and phone.

One customer stated in his Linode review that he would never go back to operating his own web server after experiencing their service. He wrote that Linode has stellar technical and customer support.

Linode Service Overall Rating

What we like:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Linode usually responds immediately to messages through Facebook
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • User-friendly interface
  • Add-ons available for purchase
  • High-performance SSD servers
  • Fast network
  • Scaling is easy with Linode

What we don’t like:

  • Pricing plans are on the expensive side
  • Backups are not included. You must pay for it as an add-on.
  • Not much variety in hosting packages


Web Hosting Plans & Prices: 3/5
Security & Risk: 4/5
Usability: 5/5
Customer Support: 5/5

Top Alternatives

Bluehost, Hostgator, and DreamHost are some of the top alternatives to Linode. Bluehost offers web hosting as low as $2.95 per month. You can receive a free domain, 1-click WordPress install, free website builders, and 24/7 support when you sign up for a web hosting package with Bluehost. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee for customers who aren’t satisfied with the hosting service.

Hostgator provides a wider variety of web hosting packages than Linode. Their plans start as low a $2.78 per month when you take advantage of their 60% off promotional offer. Hostgator has a free website builder and 4,500 templates you can choose from to build a professional website. They offer a 45-day money back guarantee for those who want a refund.

DreamHost offers award-winning web hosting, including a WordPress hosting option. Whereas Linode only offers cloud web hosting, DreamHost provides dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting. They also have a website builder you can use for creating websites with ease.

Our Verdict

Linode is a good cloud hosting platform for Linux users who care most about professional customer support in a service. This web host’s strengths are its customer support, uptime, and network speed. You can contact them via telephone, Facebook, or email, depending on which line of communication you prefer. What you might not like about Linode is their pricing. It’s more expensive than some other hosting options. However, you can get started on a hosting plan as low as $5 per month and upgrade as needed.

What do you think of this web host? Leave your own Linode review in the comments below.






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