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Pagely is a premium WordPress hosting service intended for the most intensive of business needs. With plans costing $400-$20,000 per month, only big businesses can afford this web hosting. Although their web hosting is expensive, they have been chosen by big names. Some of their clients include Disney, eBay, Virgin Atlantic, and Time Inc. One could say, if their WordPress hosting is good enough for those brands, then it’s good for your company too. Our Pagely review will evaluate the web host based on plans and pricing, security and risk, usability and user friendliness, and customer support.

pagely review

Pagely Service Overview

Pagely is a web host that narrowed its target audience down to WordPress users and big brands. Their goal is to help large businesses scale their WordPress websites. Pagely handles technical aspects of WordPress hosting, such as advanced tuning for optimal speed and performance, updates to core and plugins, and proactive security. This frees up some of your time, so you can spend it on other aspects of your business.

Pagely uses Amazon Web Services to power websites. Benefits of their choice in Amazon Web Services include high performance, scalability, and redundancy. Redundancy safeguards your website from failures. Pagely will always have a backup on hand.

Pricing Information

Pagely offers six different WordPress hosting packages: VPS-1, VPS-2, VPS-1+ [HA], VPS-2+ [HA], Enterprise, and Pulsar. VPS-1 is the least expensive option at $499 per month. It comes with 50 GB of disk space, 200 GB of bandwidth, and 30 websites permitted. Pulsar, Pagely’s most expensive option, is designed for the most demanding applications.

Package Name Dedicated To Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
VPS-1 Large businesses in need of entry-level WordPress hosting $499 per month 50 GB 200 GB 30 N/a
VPS-2 Large businesses with membership systems and large eCommerce sites $999 per month 50 GB 300 GB 60 N/a
VPS-1+ [HA] Large businesses that receive millions of monthly page views $1,249 per month 50 GB 500 GB 30 N/a
VPS-2+ [HA] Membership applications at scale and resource intensive eCommerce sites $2,249 per month 50 GB 750 GB 60 N/a
Enterprise Enterprises $2,500 per month 50 GB 2 TB 60 N/a
Pulsar Demanding applications and clientele $20,000 per month Included Included 1 N/a

It costs $20,000 per month and features a quarterly performance audit, post-deploy code review, full site monitoring, and a guaranteed one-hour response time from customer support. Pagely’s WordPress hosting plans are significantly more expensive than other WordPress web hosts. However, this is because they are designed for intensive business needs. Not many web hosts cater to this market.

Security & Risk

Our Pagely review ranks the web host well in terms of security and risk. Pagely PressArmor real-time malware scanning and removal to keep your website safe. They also have protection against DDoS attacks and brute force attacks. Another good security feature Pagely has is automatic daily backups. You don’t have to manually back up your website when you host with Pagely. And you can easily download or restore a backup whenever needed.

Usability and User Friendliness

Pagely ranks well in terms of usability and user-friendliness. They take care of many technical aspects of WordPress web hosting, such as advanced tuning, security, and updates. For developers, Pagely offers developer-friendly tools too. Backups are saved automatically to Amazon s3, so you don’t have to save a backup of your website on your own. Pagely’s interface is fairly easy to use and navigate as well.

Customer Support & Additional Info

You can get in touch with customer support via live chat, support ticket, and Twitter. Their live chat is only open from 8am-5pm Mondays to Fridays. You have access to 24/7 customer support through support tickets. Clients on the enterprise hosting plan have access to a private slack channel as well.

Our Pagely review has found the web host to have good customer support. They don’t upsell or blame clients for problems like some web hosts do. Gerard Ramos, a user of Pagely, stated in his review that they were able to migrate his WordPress eCommerce site to Pagely without an interruption in customer purchases or downtime.

Pagely Service Overall Rating

What we like:

  • Good security features
  • Professional and skilled customer support
  • Automatic daily backups
  • WordPress hosting for large businesses with high demands. Now many web hosts serve this market with their WordPress hosting plans.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Pagely can migrate your website without downtime or interruptions
  • Developer friendly tools available

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive plans
  • Live chat isn’t available 24/7. Some other web hosts offer 24/7 live chat support.
  • lack of phone support


Web Hosting Plans & Prices: 4/5
Security & Risk: 5/5
Usability: 5/5
Customer Support: 5/5

Pagely Top Alternatives

WP Engine, Kinsta, and Synthesis are some of the top alternatives to Pagely. Similar to Pagely, WP Engine offers enterprise-grade security and scalable architecture. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their service. WP Engine’s customer support is fast and experiences as well. Their WordPress hosting plans are far cheaper than Pagely’s plans at $29-$249 per month.

In contrast to Pagely’s Amazon powered WordPress hosting, Kinsta offers WordPress hosting powered by the Google Cloud platform. Another way in which they’re different is all of their WordPress hosting plans come with unlimited visitors and pageviews. All of their WordPress hosting plans are cheaper as well at $100-$400 per month.

Synthesis provides secure and fast WordPress web hosting. One way they’re different from Pagely is they offer content marketing and SEO tools to help website owners drive more traffic to their websites. Their WordPress hosting packages are cheaper than Pagely’s hosting plans. WordPress hosting costs $47-$300 per month at Synthesis.

Our Verdict

Our Pagely review concludes that the web host is a good choice for large businesses with intensive needs. eCommerce websites with a lot of traffic will benefit from the reliable, high quality hosting at Pagely. The downsides of this web host are how much hosting costs and only WordPress hosting packages are available. If you use another platform, then you won’t be able to host at Pagely because they only offer WordPress hosting. Have you tried Pagely before? Leave your own Pagely review in the comments below.






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