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With a wide range of web hosting opportunities, including Linux and Windows web hosting, Arvixe is still one of the kings of the web hosting community. With so many conflicting Arvixe reviews, it’s difficult for users and potential customers to get to the truth. Arvixe is a great web hosting service for the price, with capable website building tools, unlimited data transfers, emails, and domains.

Arvixe is a budget-friendly, secure web host that might be what you need. This Arvixe review will go through the main features of this renowned hosting service as well as the company’s customer support in order to give you a better idea about the type of service you’re signing up for. We will look at all the services of Arvixe web hosting and rank them accordingly.

Arvixe Overview

This web host provider offers several types of services for different customers. They provide web hosting solutions for the average consumer, the business class user, resellers, and VPS on Linux and Windows. Last but not least, Arvixe also offer a premium version of their service to Dedicated class users. The latter is the most expensive and the most extensive one accordingly.

Arvixe has shared hosting services include unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They also offer reseller accounts, VPS, and dedicated hosting accounts. Each plan has a Linux and a Windows version, so you can pick which type of server your website is on.
With all these options, we decided to take a look at their performance. Arvixe has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and their uptime averages above that at 99.98%. Websites hosted by Arvixe have page load speeds averaging 1002ms. While that’s not too bad, the average page load speed is around 700ms.

Pricing Information

Arvixe’s prices start at $4.00/month. Most of their plans offer unlimited bandwidth, and all of their shared hosting plans provide unlimited disk space. Dedicated servers are much more and can be completely customized to your needs. For each of their plans, Arvixe provides 27/4 customer technical support.

Package Name Dedicated to Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
PersonalClass – Linux Startup Websites $4.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited 6 cPanel
PersonalClass Pro – Linux Startup Websites $7.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel
PersonalClass – Windows Startup Websites $5.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited 1 Plesk
PersonalClass Pro – Windows Startup Websites $8.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited 5 Plesk
BusinessClass – Linux Growing Websites $22.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited 6 cPanel
BusinessClass Pro – Linux Growing Websites $35.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel
BusinessClass – Windows Growing Websites $27.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited 1 Plesk
BusinessClass Pro – Windows Growing Websites $40.00/mo Unlimited Unlimited 5 Plesk
ResellerClass – Linux Small Agencies $20.00/mo 50GB 500GB Unlimited cPanel/WHM
ResellerClass Pro – Linux Small Agencies $50.00/mo 200GB 2,000GB Unlimited cPanel/WHM
ResellerClass – Windows Small Agencies $25.00/mo 50GB 500GB Unlimited Plesk
ResellerClass Pro – Windows Small Agencies $60.00/mo 200GB 2,000GB Unlimited Plesk
VPSClass – Linux Large Sites $40.00/mo 50GB Unlimited Unlimited cPanel/WHM
VPSClass Pro – Linux Large Sites $50.00/mo 100GB Unlimited Unlimited cPanel/WHM
VPSClass – Windows Large Sites $60.00/mo 50GB Unlimited Unlimited WebSitePanel CP
VPSClass Pro – Windows Large Sites $100.00/mo 100GB Unlimited Unlimited WebSitePanel CP

Security & Risk

Arvixe has a DDoS attack response team that specializes in fixing any DDoS attacks that might happen on their secure servers. Their 24/7 network monitoring, firewall, and redundant carriers help keep these and other attacks at bay. Security updates happen at night when traffic is typically at a minimum.

Usability & User Friendliness

If you are familiar with cPanel or Plesk, both control panels are top of the line. CPanel is an easy-to-use, in-depth administration panel for Linux servers to help you easily tweak your website’s back-end. Plesk is used on Windows .NET servers, which you have an option to use with Arvixe.
Not only do they use the best control panels, but they give their users a drag-and-drop website builder that can make getting your website up fast and easy. Last, but not least, Arvixe uses Softaculous as their software marketplace, giving you access to over 400 different web applications and scripts.

Customer Support & Additional Info

Arvixe web hosting has customer support available via chat only. They once had phone customer service but have since discontinued it. While chat is ideal for those who don’t want to be stuck on the phone for hours on end, customer reviews state that Arvixe’s support team is slow to respond.
They do offer a 60-day money back guarantee and free website transfers. It’s easy to move to their hosting from another hosting company. It’s also easy to cancel if you are not happy with their services.

In case you may have some of these mentioned problems with Arvixe services, you should first consider the options below before filing an Arvixe review.

Overall Service Rating:

What do we like and what do we not like about Arvixe’s web hosting services? Take a look.

What we like:  

  • Great Uptime – Arvixe’s uptime is great. Not many web hosting companies can boast such a high uptime percentage.
  • Lots of Security Features – They have brute force detection, automatic security updates, and DDoS attack response just to name a few of these features.

What we don’t like:

  • Slow Customer Service – Their customer support team can take over an hour to answer support requests.
  • Chat Support Only – Phone support was discontinued.


Web Hosting Plans & Prices: 4/5
Security and Risk: 5/5
Usability & User Friendliness: 5/5
Customer Support: 2/5

Arvixe Top Alternatives

After reading this Arvixe review, if you still have not found what you need take a look at these competitors.

  • IX Webhosting – If you are looking for reliability, speed, and security, look not further than IX Webhosting. While their control panel isn’t as nice as cPanel, their security options make up for it.
  • SiteGround – They have an even better uptime than Arvixe and are easily scalable. They even offer a free SSL on the lowest plan. If that doesn’t impress you, then check out their no wait time policy for customer support.
  • TMDHosting – TMDHosting is one of the fastest cheap web hosting companies around. They also have trademarked Genius Support 24/7 and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Our Verdict

Arvixe is a solid hosting company, while their speed is slightly subpar, their security features and ease of use definitely outweigh that minor flaw. Their biggest issue is their support availability and speed. If you need a lot of help with your website, then this may not be the hosting service for you.
Did you learn a lot from our Arvixe review? Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below!


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