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If your company and most of your client base are in Europe, you’ll want a website hosted in Europe. AltusHost can give you that. Their datacenters are located in the Netherlands and Sweden, which means the load times for their pages are much faster around Europe.
If you’re looking for an AltusHost review that describes exactly what their hosting services have to offer you, then look not further. This web hosting review will do just that and if you find that AltusHost isn’t what you need, then we have a list of other recommendations at the end.

AltusHost Overview

AltusHost is a European based hosting company that has a fabulous uptime rating and fast page load speeds. Overall, their page load speeds average about 2 seconds. However, outside of Europe, page load speeds for shared hosting have been reported to be up to 6 seconds, which is much too slow since visitors will typically bounce if the pages take around 5 seconds to load. Their uptime guarantee is 99.9% which is pretty standard but they rarely go over under that.

Pricing Information

Below is a list of the packages they offer.It is prudent to note that they have 6 pre-build plans for dedicated servers, but you can also contact them directly for a quote on a custom built server.

Package Name Dedicated to Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
SSD Basic Startups/Small Blogs $5.95/mo 10GB SSD 250GB 5 cPanel
SSD Sandard Small Blogs/Businesses $10.95/mo 20GB SSD 500GB 10 cPanel
SSD Pro Medium-Large Blogs/Businesses $5.95/mo 40GB SSD 1TB Unlimited cPanel
Linux VPS Large Sites/Agencies $19.95-$79.95/mo 40GB-160GB 1,000GB-5,000GB Unlimited none/cPanel/DirectAdmin (your choice)
Windows VPS Large Sites/Agencies $29.95-$79.95/mo 40GB-160GB 1,000GB-5,000GB Unlimited Windows Server 2008/2012 (your choice)
Standard Dedicated Servers – ME-1 Large Sites/Agencies $149.95 2x 1TB 20TB Unlimited Custom
Standard Dedicated Servers – ME-2 Large Sites/Agencies $199.95 2x 480GB SSD 20TB Unlimited Custom
Standard Dedicated Servers – ME-3 Large Sites/Agencies $249.95 2x 960GB SSD 20TB Unlimited Custom
High End Dedicated Servers – HE-1 Large Sites/Agencies $319.95 (Setup $49.95)
High End Dedicated Servers – HE-2 Large Sites/Agencies $429.95 (Setup $49.95)
High End Dedicated Servers – HE-3 Large Sites/Agencies $499.95 (Setup $49.95)

Security & Risk

AltusHost has a good selection of plans but what about security? Their shared SSD hosting provides a professional spam filter, a free CloudFlare CDN, and free daily backups. AltusHost servers also have a RAID protected SSD disk setup. Their VPS and dedicated servers are fully managed and can catch and fix issues right when they happen. SSL certificates are not free, but they do have an easy option to purchase one.

Usability & User Friendliness

Shared hosting accounts offer Softaculous, which is a marketplace that gives you quick access to hundreds of scripts, content management systems, and more. Their VPS and dedicated servers allow you to install the control panel and/or operating system you want to ensure you can have as much control as you want. Theses services also come with full root access.

Customer Support & Additional Info

Like most web hosting companies, AltusHost offers 24/7/365 technical support. They have a ticket system to reach them online. You can call one of their two offices: one in The Netherlands, and one in Sweden. Their customer support reviews online show that most customers are happy with the support they get.
They have a 14-day risk free trial for their VPS and dedicated server clients. There is also a 45-day money back guarantee for those that use their shared hosting accounts.

AltusHost Overall Rating

We have delivered a lot of information in this AltusHost review. Here’s a summary.

What we like:

  • Plenty of Options – AltusHost offers an all around lineup of web hosting plans for a wide range of customers. Their prices are not bad either.
  • Great Customer Support Reviews – A vast majority of online reviews regarding their customer service praise how knowledgeable and quick they are.

What we don’t like:

  • Only Two Datacenters – Their services are centralized in one location, which is their only downfall.


Web Hosting Plans & Prices: 5/5
Security & Risk: 3/5
Usability: 5/5
Customer Support: 5/5

AltusHost Top Alternatives

If this AltusHost review has proved that AltusHost isn’t the host for you, consider these competitors as an alternative.

  • BlueHost – Well known with global data centers, BlueHost has a similar uptime rating as AltusHost. The downside to BlueHost is that their customer service ratings are not great.
  • TMDHosting – Super fast with 7 layers of cache and SSD servers, TMDHosting has a 99.99% uptime guarantee and is overall the fastest host on the internet with an average load time of 8.5ms. They have 7 data centers scattered around the globe and include a free SSL in some of their plans. They also give one free domain registration for life as long as you are with the company.
  • BulwarkHost – If you’re looking for security and fast SSD servers, look no further than BulwarkHost. They have a load time of around 1 second. While they do not offer unlimited disk space, they offer free SSL for some plans, daily backups and a CloudFlare CDN.

Our Verdict

Located in Europe? Then you’re safe to go with AltusHost. They provide reliable, fast web hosting services based in your area. Unfortunately, if you are located elsewhere in the world, it might be best to look for another similar hosting service that has data centers all over the world.
Did you enjoy our AltusHost review? Take a moment and share with us your thoughts or questions below!