BulwarkHost Review – Web Hosting Services

BulwarkHost advertises fast SSD hosting. They offer shared hosting, reseller accounts, and enterprise hosting. The shared hosting is for small websites or blogs for start-up, small, or medium companies. Reseller accounts are for designers, agencies, or small hosting companies. Enterprise hosting is for large companies with huge websites.
This BulwarkHost review will explain exactly what BulwarkHost provides to its customers. With this detailed information you will be able to make an informed decision about where to host your website. If it turns out that BulwarkHost isn’t for you, then we will also offer some other recommendations.

BulwarkHost Overview

BulwarkHost uses solid state drives (SSD) on all of their servers. This allows their servers to run faster than ones with traditional hard drives. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In fact, their SLA lists the amount of credit you’ll get based on how much your time is down.
Their average page load times are around 1.05 seconds. While their speed isn’t the fastest, it is definitely faster than most web hosting companies offering low-cost hosting services. If it takes longer than 5 seconds to load a page, most visitors will leave without even seeing what you have to offer.

Pricing Information

BulwarkHost offers three different types of hosting: shared, enterprise, reseller. For each type, there are four levels of service: lite, starter, basic, and advanced. While they do not offer unlimited resources for any of their plans, the amount they do allow is quite generous.

Package Name Dedicated to Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
Shared – Lite Small Blogs/Business $3.56-$4.75/mo 3GB 150GB Unlimited cPanel
Shared – Starter Small Blogs/Business $4.88-$6.50/mo 5GB 250GB Unlimited cPanel
Shared – Basic Medium Blogs/Business $8.63-$11.50/mo 10GB 500GB Unlimited cPanel
Shared – Advanced Medium Blogs/Business $11.06-$14.75/mo 15GB 750GB Unlimited cPanel
Enterprise – Lite Small Business $18.00-$24.00/mo 5GB 300GB Unlimited cPanel
Enterprise – Starter Medium Business $27.00-$36.00/mo 10GB 600GB Unlimited cPanel
Enterprise – Basic Medium Business $40.50-$54.00/mo 15GB 900GB Unlimited cPanel
Enterprise – Advanced Large Business $52.50-$70.00/mo 20GB 1200GB Unlimited cPanel
Reseller – Lite Designers/Agencies $11.25-$15.00/mo 15GB 450GB 15 cPanel Accounts cPanel/WHM
Reseller – Starter Designers/Agencies $18.75-$25.00/mo 30GB 900GB 30 cPanel Accounts cPanel/WHM
Reseller – Basic Designers/Agencies $33.75-$45.00/mo 60GB 1800GB 60 cPanel Accounts cPanel/WHM
Reseller – Advanced Designers/Agencies $48.755-$65.00/mo 100GB 3000GB Unlimited cPanel Accounts cPanel/WHM

Security & Risk

A bulwark is a defensive wall or an extension of the side of a ship above the deck level. Both are used as a defensive measure to keep out unwanted intruders. BulwarkHost does not overload their servers, and their servers are protected by a firewall and CloudFlare which includes DDoS protection, secure registration, and a web application firewall. It also makes SSL easier to setup and use. BulwarkHost also uses R1Soft as their backup manager, which means that your information can be backed up the way you want.

Usability & User Friendliness

BulwarkHost only uses cPanel for their administration software. It’s not only easier to use than most control panels out there, but it is the most popular control panel on the market today. It gives the user more control over their hosting account than other custom control panels.
Free site migrations are also offered by BulwarkHost. They will only transfer websites to their services that are currently on another cPanel host.

Customer Support & Additional Info

BulwarkHost’s 24/7/365 customer support can be reached via their ticket support system. They also monitor their servers 24/7, allowing you the ability to focus on creating your website and running it. If you are planning on running any scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal BulwarkHost offers Softaculous, which is a one-click install marketplace with over 300 scripts available to add to your site. BulwarkHost also offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well.

BulwarkHost Overall Rating

That was a lot of information to take in. Let’s summarize the whole BulwarkHost review here.

What we like:

  • Fast Page Load Speeds – The LiteSpeed SSD servers help to create a super fast hosting service.
  • Security is Priority – With a name like BulwarkHost, we expect them to have secure servers. BulwarkHost takes pride in their security.

What we don’t like:

  • Limited Resources – SSD drives are naturally smaller than traditional hard disk drives. While some of their plans are limiting, you can always upgrade.


Web Hosting Plans & Prices: 5/5
Security & Risk: 5/5
Usability: 5/5
Customer Support: 5/5

BulwarkHost Top Alternatives

If this BulwarkHost review has you still looking for a hosting company that is just right for you, then check out these web hosting companies.

  • Bluehost – Bluehost is similar to BulwarkHost, but it also offers VPS and dedicated servers for those looking for even more hosting options. The biggest difference between BulwarkHost and Bluehost is that BulwarkHost is faster with its SSD servers. However, Bluehost has unlimited hosting options.
  • A Small Orange – They only offer shared hosting plans but they are the cheapest around. They are just as fast as BulwarkHost with a similar uptime rating. A Small Orange is the best option out there if you need very low-cost hosting.
  • MediaTemple – MediaTemple has comparable security to BulwarkHost, and they also have a fully managed WordPress hosting option. They also limit resources for all of their plans like BulwarkHost but their page load times are about twice as fast.

Our Verdict

BulwarkHost hits the nail on the head when it comes to web hosting services. They offer fast, secure web hosting plans that are perfect for any type of website or blog. While they do not offer VPS or dedicated servers, the shared hosting plans give small, medium and even larger businesses the place on the internet that is perfect for you.
Have thoughts about our BulwarkHost review? We’d love to hear from you.