FastWebHost Review – Web Hosting Service

FastWebHost is a budget-friendly web hosting company that has both cheap, shared web hosting and the more expensive VPS and dedicated servers. They are perfect for the website that is just starting out or an online business or blog that is rapidly growing.
This FastWebHost review will show all the information you need to know before you buy. We’ll also throw in some other recommendations for you. Continue reading to know more about the FastWebHost company and their web hosting services.

FastWebHost Overview

FastWebHost lives up to their name. With average page load times of 160ms, they can boast to be one of the fastest web hosting services on the market today. They’re not only fast but reliable as well. They have an average uptime of 100%. That’s incredible in the market today.
Their plans include several times of shared hosting, reseller accounts, WordPress hosting, VPS, and even dedicated servers. Their shared hosting is meant to be a cheap, quick solution for those that are just starting out and need the minimum in hosting. For those that need more control over their hosting services, FastWebHost has the VPS and dedicated servers.

Pricing Information

Here is a list of the plans that FastWebHost offers and what features are included with each one. FastWebHost also has introductory pricing for many of their plans and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Package Name Dedicated to Price Disk Space Bandwidth Websites Hosting Type
Shared Value Plan Startup Sites/Blogs $2.95-$5.95/mo 20GB Unlimited 1 cPanel
Shared Business Plan Growing Sites/Blogs $4.95-$9.95/mo 50GB Unlimited 10 cPanel
Shared Enterprise Plan Well-Established Sites/Blogs $7.49-$14.95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited cPanel
WP Basic One Blog $9.95-$19.95/mo 20GB SSD Unlimited 1 WordPress Dashboard
WP Advanced Two Blogs $14.95-$29.95/mo 30GB SSD Unlimited 2 WordPress Dashboard
WP Pro Four Blogs $19.95-39.95/mo 40GB SSD Unlimited 4 WordPress Dashboard
Reseller Level 1 Small Agencies $7.50-$15.00/mo 50GB Unlimited Unlimited WHM/cPanel
Reseller Level 2 Growing Agencies $12.50-$25.00/mo 80GB Unlimited Unlimited WHM/cPanel
Reseller Level 3 Large Agencies $23.00-$46.00/mo 120GB Unlimited Unlimited WHM/cPanel
KVM VPS 1 Small Business $2.50-$5.00/mo 20GB 200GB Unlimited Custom
KVM VPS 2 Growing Business $5.00-$10.00/mo 30GB 300GB Unlimited Custom
KVM VPS 3 Medium Business $10.00-$20.00/mo 40GB 400GB Unlimited Custom
KVM VPS 4 Large Business $20.00-$40.00/mo 60GB 600GB Unlimited Custom
VPS OVZ 1 Small Business $1.50-$3.00/mo 20GB 200GB Unlimited Custom
VPS OVZ 2 Growing Business $2.50-$5.00/mo 30GB 300GB Unlimited Custom
VPS OVZ 3 Medium Business $5.00-$10.00/mo 40GB 400GB Unlimited Custom
VPS OVZ 4 Large Business $10.00-20.00/mo 60GB 600GB Unlimited Custom
Dedicated Value Server Enterprise $99/mo 64GB SSD + 250GB SATA 10,000GB Unlimited Custom
Dedicated Business Server Enterprise $130/mo 128GB SSD + 500GB SATA 10,000GB Unlimited Custom
Dedicated Value Server Enterprise $175/mo 128GB SSD + 500GB SATA 10,000GB Unlimited Custom

Security & Risk

FastWebhost’s dedicated servers and VPS come with SSH full root access, DDoS protection, and a choice of multiple Linux-based operating systems for you server. Unfortunately, these servers are unmanaged, so you have to install firewalls and other security protocols yourself. Technicians are available to help.
Their shared, reseller, and WordPress accounts include FastWebHost’s custom CSF firewall, free DDoS protection, and free CloudFlare CDN. CloudFlare blocks threats and abusive bots as well as makes your site faster.

Usability & User Friendliness

Shared hosting and reseller accounts come with cPanel as their administrative dashboard, which is the easy-to-use industry standard. FastWebHost also offers a drag-and-drop website builder, 1-click installer marketplace for over 300 apps, and automatic updates.
WordPress accounts get offsite daily backups, automatic updates for WordPress and any plugins.
The VPS and dedicated server dashboard is also easy to use. These accounts are also fully scalable.

Customer Support & Additional Info

While the only servers that are fully managed are the shared and WordPress servers, all FastWebHost customers have access to 24/7/365 trained customer support specialists. They are available at any time to help install updates, software, or hardware for your server or account.
Most of their customer support reviews online are good. There are a few that seem to have issues with contacting them, but these are rare.

FastWebHost Overall Rating

Here are the highlights and pitfalls based on our FastWebHost review.

What we like:

  • Super Fast Loading Times – FastWebHost is one of the fastest out here.
  • Reliable Uptime – A 100% average uptime is as reliable as it gets.
  • Strong Security – They offer free DDoS protection for everyone, even share hosting customers.

What we don’t like:

  • Unmanaged VPS and Dedicated Servers – FastWebHost is one of the few companies that does not fully manage these types of servers.


Web Hosting Plans & Prices: 5/5
Security & Risk: 4/5
Usability: 5/5
Customer Support: 4/5

FastWebHost Top Alternatives

If our FastWebHost review has shown that their services aren’t for you, check out these top competitors:

  • A Small Orange – Small is right. For a small, consistant price, A Small Orange offer shared web hosting for those on a tight budget.
  • TMDHosting – TMDHosting is one of the few web hosting companies that can match FastWebHosting’s speed or uptime average. TMDHosting has a 99.99% uptime guarantee and average page load speeds of 8.5ms.
  • JustHost – JustHost is almost as fast as FastWebHosting, and they have an average uptime of 99.98% which is still better than the industry average.
  • MediaTemple – MediaTemple has shared and WordPress hosting with SSD disk space. They’re almost as fast as FastWebHost with 430ms average page load times, but they do not offer unlimited hosting options.

Our Verdict

FastWebHost is perfect for any type of website or business. They are super fast and incredibly reliable. Their only downside is the unmanaged dedicated servers.
Do you have comments or questions about our FastWebhost review? We’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave your questions, comments, or experience in the comment section below.